My Other Ride is on This T-Shirt Which is $10 TODAY ONLY! [pic]

It doesn’t happen very often where I live, but once in a great while you will see somebody with a license plate bracket for bumper sticker says “My other car is a (insert iconic sci-fi vehicle here)!”  If they are a Doctor Who fan, it will say the TARDIS, if they are a Star Wars fan it will say the Death Star, ect.  While I have never done this to my car (I’m not one for putting goofy decorations on my car), I would definitely wear this t-shirt that serves the same purpose!

The super geeks over at TeeFury are selling this awesome My Other Ride is a ______ t-shirt for just $10 today only (they are also selling another shirt called Tools of the Trade today too but I don’t think it is quite as cool)!  This shirt was designed by damianliska.  Whether you dream your other ride to be the TARDIS, the Ghostbusters car or even the Technodrome, there is something on this shirt for any geek!

If this shirt brings a smile to your face, don’t delay in buying it as it is on sale today only!  As a huge TeeFury customer (more than half of my shirts have come from them), I can vouch for the high quality of the shirts so don’t be afraid of getting a cheap shirt just because the price is ridiculously cheap!

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My Other Ride Is A T-Shirt
My Other Ride Is A Shirt

[Source:   TeeFury]


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