Mind Blowing Spider-Man Vs. Venom Comic Book Full Back Tattoo [pic]

It feels like it has been a while since I have posted any cool tattoos so I figured its time I post one that is not only cool but absolutely spectacular!  Other than perhaps the old cartoon, I can’t say I have ever been a huge Spider-Man fan but I am absolutely blown away by this Spider-Man vs. Venom full back tattoo.

This amazing Spider-Man vs Venom full back tattoo inspired by the comic books was inked by Pablo at Level Up Tattoo.  Whoever got this tattoo was one lucky person as Pablo is one heck of a talented tattoo artist!  I am blown away by the beautiful use of color on this tattoo.  Just in terms of color, I think it might be the best looking tattoo I have ever seen.  I am very impressed!

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Spider-Man vs Venom Comic Book Tattoo
Spider-Man vs Venom Full Back Tattoo

[Source:  Pablo over at Level Up Tattoo via Obvious Winner]


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