Drunk Pikachu Cake [pic]

Its not often that I come across something geeky yet so bizarre that it makes me completely speechless but this is one of those times.  I can’t even imagine what would inspire somebody to come up with the idea of a passed out drunk Pikachu cake.  I know there are some people that like to mix gaming and alcohol (like whoever came up with the Halo Cortana cocktail I posted last week), but this is just weird.

The awesome folks at Nerdache Cakes (seriously, they are my favorite maker of geeky baked goods) created this cake featuring a passed out, drunk Pikachu for a Pokemon loving bartender.  I suppose that makes sense but it still seems odd.  It is definitely the best looking Pokemon cake I have ever seen though!

For those curious about the yummy details this drunk Pikachu cake was made with chocolate cake, filled with whipped ganache filling, mini chocolate chips and creamy chocolate drizzle.  Sounds like a chocolate overload!

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Pokemon Pikachu Cake
Drunk Pikachu Cake

[Source:  Nerdache Cakes]



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