5-Foot-Wide Working NES Controller Built From LEGO Bricks [pic + video]

When it comes to video games and LEGO, I have seen some people make some pretty amazing stuff like the LEGO video game wall mural I posted about recently, but I think this has to be one of my favorite builds so far.  One NES loving LEGO builder apparently decided it would be cool to build a 5 foot wide NES controller and make it actually usable to play games.  I’d say it was a good idea.

LEGO lover Baron von Brunk is the mastermind behind this epic LEGO NES Controller build.  As far the details on this 5 foot long LEGO NES controller, it uses the wiring from an original NES controller, a USB converter and some soldering work to make everything work.  Very neat!

Perhaps what I find most surprising is that not only does it work, but from watching the video, it seems to be quite usable despite its massive size.  I am very impressed and just a little bit jealous!

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Working LEGO NES Controller
LEGO NES Controller
LEGO NES Controller Inside
LEGO NES Controller Inside

[Source:  Baron von Brunk via Geek.com]


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