Gingerbread Super Mario World Castle [pic]

The flood of gingerbread creations seem to show no signs of slowing down and this time Super Mario Bros is getting into the action with a gingerbread castle!  Last March, I posted a very impressive gingerbread version of Princess Peach’s castle (which I suggest checking out as it will blow you away), but this one seems to be themed on the castles from Super Mario World.

This Super Mario World themed gingerbread castle was created by Andree P. (@cakeit_studio on Twitter).  I’d say Andree did a phenomenal job with this Super Mario World gingerbread castle!  I especially like the snow covered question blocks on top!

Apparently it was created by covering the gingerbread with fondant which I would normally gripe about but considering I’m not one to eat gingerbread anyway, I can let it go this time.  As much as I don’t like the taste of fondant, you can’t argue with how beautiful it makes things like gingerbread castles.

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Gingerbread Super Mario Bros Castle
Gingerbread Super Mario World Castle

[Source:  @cakeit_studio on Twitter via That’s Nerdalicious]


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