This TARDIS Engagement Ring Box is Fantastic and Clever! [pic]

Are you looking for a fantastic way to propose to that special Whovian in your life?  I so, then I think I have found the engagement ring box for you!  Even if you aren’t looking to propose to that special somebody (assuming you even have a special somebody) this is still one of the coolest engagement ring boxes you will ever see!

In the past, I have posted a couple of rather clever Doctor Who inspired engagement ring boxes including one made out of the spoilers book and another ring box made out of a TARDIS, but I think the one pictured below is much cooler!

This TARDIS engagement ring box was created by Paul Pape Designs who makes custom ring boxes that range in price from $300-800 depending on how complex you want your ring box to be.  Unlike traditional ring boxes, rather than opening at the middle (like the TARDIS ring box I mentioned above), this one comes open at the top and it even has its own lighting!  Not only is the ring well let, but the beacon on top of the TARDIS lights up too.

Ring boxes are cool!

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TARDIS Engagement Ring Box
Doctor Who TARDIS Engagement Ring Box

[Source:  Paul Pape Designs]