Batman Dark Knight Bookshelves [pic]

Ever since I went the digital route with books thanks to Amazon’s Kindle, I haven’t had much need for a bookshelf.  I still have a bunch of old programming books that could use a nice bookshelf to go on, but since I use them so infrequently, I just keep them in boxes in my basement.  However, if I ever decided to go back to dead tree books, I would definitely want to store them on a Batman bookshelf like this one!

Etsy seller FictionFurniture is selling this amazing Dark Knight bookshelf for $284.62.  It measures 22 x 32 inch and would make a great addition to any Batman fan’s library.

As cool as this is, it is way out of my price range so if you want to get it, you won’t have to fight me for it (there is only one available).

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Batman Bookshelves
Dark Knight Bookshelves

[Source:  Etsy]





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