Doctor Who Dalek Impersonate Shirt $10 TODAY ONLY!

If people don’t stop making awesome Doctor Who shirts, I’m going to have to build an extra closet on the back of my house just to store all of the shirts I keep buying.  Seriously, I have a crap ton of Doctor Who shirts thanks to cheap shirt sites.

Speaking of Doctor Who and cheap shirt sites, the awesome folks over at TeeFury are selling this Doctor Who inspired Dalek IMPERSONATE! shirt for just $10 TODAY ONLY!

If you are a huge Dalek fan like most Whovians are, this shirt features 3 Daleks disguised to impersonate the 4th Doctor, 10th Doctor and 11th Doctor.  Whether you love the Daleks or just those Doctors, how can you say no to this awesome shirt?  I know I can’t!  Now where did I put my credit card…

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Doctor Who Dalek Impersonate Shirt
Dalek Impersonate Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]