Live Long and Cook with Neelix’s Star Trek Cookbook [pic]

Have you ever been watching your favorite series of Star Trek (Deep Space Nine is my favorite) and think to yourself “wow, that gagh looks really good!  I wish I knew how to make it”?  Well, now you can make yourself a plate of gagh and much more with the help of Neelix’s Star Trek cookbook!  Actually, the recipe in the cookbook doesn’t include worms but you can always make a substitution.  Anyway…

The uber geeks over at ThinkGeek are selling the official Star Trek cookbook for just $19.99!  That is on sale for 13% off of the normal $22.99 price so I don’t know how long that price is going to stick around.  And if you think they are just using Neelix’s image to sell this Star Trek cookbook, fear not because Ethan Phillips is actually one of the authors!

If you get this book (or already have it) and try some recipes from it, let me know how they turned out in the comments below!  I’ve seen this on the shelves of my local mega book store in the past but since I am not much of a cook, I haven’t picked up a copy although I would love to know how good some of the iconic Star trek foods taste!

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Neelix's Star Trek Cookbook
Official Star Trek Cookbook

[Source:  ThinkGeek]