SNES USB Controller [pic]

If you are like me, you don’t have the room to set up your old Super Nintendo and generally just can’t be bothered with the effort of setting it up when your computer or phone or gaming handheld can run a SNES emulator with very little effort.  Well, if you don’t mind using an emulator but still kind of want that old SNES feel, now you can play your emulated SNES games with a USB SNES controller.

The nostalgic gamers over at ThinkGeek are selling this SNES USB controller for $19.99 (on sale from the usual $29.99 so 33% off).  Its not an official Nintendo SNES controller, but it still looks just like it and it works on emulators for both Windows and Mac.  The best part is that no drivers are required!

I will probably order one of these myself for some holiday SNES gaming because the USB controller I have is rather large for my hands (think original Xbox size controller) and I could really use something a little smaller.  Having something that looks and feels like the real thing would be nice too.

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USB SNES Controller
SNES USB Controller

[Source:  ThinkGeek]


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