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Are you tired of finding yourself with a dead phone or other gadget and nowhere to charge it?  This is one of my biggest first world problems as my phone (Motorola i1) sucks so bad that I have to plug it in after 4-5 hours with little or no use because the battery life is complete crap.  Of course this can be rather problematic when I go out of town for the evening to a concert or something.

Well, I think I have found the perfect solution to this problem!  Meet the iGeek large vapacity portable charger!

The fantastic folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this iGeek portable charger for just $39.99!  That is the current sale price as it normally goes for $61.99 so you are saving 35%.  It has a couple of USB ports to power your phone and other gadgets such as the Kindle that can charge over a USB port.  It has a 9900 mAh capacity battery with 2 USB ports so you can charge multiple things at once which is handy.  To give you an idea of how much juice that really is, that is enough to power an iPad 2 playing movies for 17 hours or 50 hours on the iPhone.  It comes with a retractable USB cable although if you want to charge your iDevices, you will have to supply your own cord.

To be clear, I haven’t tried this yet but it is going to be my Christmas present to myself as I am in desperate need of a good way to keep my phone and other gadgets charged when I’m not at home or at work and this seems to be the perfect solution.  From the comments on it, people seem to be in love with the product although if you have had any experience with it, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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iGeek Gadget Charger
iGeek Portable Charger

[Source:  ThinkGeek]






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