This Yoda Tattoo Glows Under a Black Light [pics]

Amazing tattoos are somewhat common judging by how many spectacular tattoos I have blogged in the past (just search tattoos on the right and prepare to be amazed), but its not very often that you see a tattoo that has been specially made to glow under a black light.  In fact, I think this is the only case I have ever seen where part of the tattoo glows under a black light.

This fantastic Yoda back tattoo was inked by the tattoo artist Kenneth Bryan of Intimate Body Art Studios.  Under normal light this Yoda tattoo looks great but it is really special when you put it under a black light and Yoda’s lightsaber glows as well as his nails and eyes.

Unfortunately, there aren’t very many places these days that have black lights hanging around that let you have your shirt off to be able to display such an awesome tattoo.  I suppose it could be a nice treat for the ladies though if you have a blacklight hanging over your bed.

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Glowing Yoda Tattoo
Star Wars Glowing Yoda Tattoo

[Source:  Obvious Winner]


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