Amazing Pixelated MegaMan Cookies [pic]

I am always blown away by the things that the folks over at Nerdache Cakes make.  In the past, I have posted a bunch of their creations including some amazing Legend of Zelda cookies and some amazing Doctor Who TARDIS and 11th Doctor cupcakes.  When it comes to baked goods, they really do make the best stuff I have ever seen.

Well, the Nerdache Cake folks have struck again and this time they have made a spectacular pixelated MegaMan cookie!  Apparently this is actually a jumbo sized sugar cookie that measures 16″ tall while his blast is around 6″!  If the size and incredible detail on this MegaMan cookie wasn’t enough, it took and incredible 12 hours to make!  That is a crazy amount of time to spend on a cookie but at least it was well worth the effort!

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MegaMan Sugar Cookie
Pixelated MegaMan Sugar Cookie

[Source:  Nerdache Cakes]



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