This Chocolate Dalek Cake is a Chocolate Overload [pic]

I wouldn’t say I am a chocoholic by any means, but like everybody else, I do enjoy some M&Ms or other forms of chocolate on occasion.  However, I think this chocolate Dalek cake would be a chocolate overload for even the biggest of chocolate lovers!

This Dalek chocolate cake is known as Extermination by Chocolate and it was created by the chocoholics over at Chocablog.  You can get the recipe for this 15″ tall Dalek chocolate cake over at their blog as well as see more picture and get a good description on how it was made.

As a huge Doctor Who fan I love this (even if I wasn’t it is still awesome) but just the thought of that much chocolate is enough to make me sick.


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Doctor Who Dalek Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Dalek Cake

[Source:  Chocablog via That’s Nerdalicious]