Doctor Who TARDIS Bath/Beach Towel is 25% Off Right Now [pic]

Are you looking for a cool Doctor Who towel to dry off with or just lay on?  Then now is the time to buy because this awesome TARDIS bath / beach towel is currently on sale for 25% off!

The amazing folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this fantastic Doctor Who TARDIS bath / beach towel right now for $14.99 (25% off the normal $19.99 price).  Whether your are looking to dry off after a relaxing bath / shower or just want a towel that will let everybody else at the beach know you are a Whovian, this is the towel you need!  Make sure to buy it now before it goes back up to full price!

However, if you plan on using this as a beach towel, if you are like all of the Whovians I know, you might want to bring some extra sunblock (you should always wear sunblock on the beach anyway).

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Doctor Who TARDIS Towel
Doctor Who TARDIS Beach / Bath Towel

[Source:  ThinkGeek]






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