Today is a Good Day to Die Klingon T-Shirt [pic]

Star Trek fans will certainly be familiar with the Klingon slogan “Today is a good day to die!” and there is a pretty good chance that they will want this awesome shirt too!

The awesome people over at TShirtLaundry are selling this great Klingon “A good day to die” t-shirt for just $18.  In case you find the font a bit too hard to read (it isn’t the ideal font), it says “Perhaps it is a good day to die!!!”  As a huge Star Trek fan and Klingon lover, I will probably order this shirt as soon as I finish writing this post.  If there is one shirt that I need but don’t have, it is a Klingon shirt!

If you aren’t interested in living long and prospering, perhaps today is a good day to die (and buy this shirt)!

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Star Trek Klingon Good Day To Die Shirt
Klingon Good Day To Die Shirt

[Source:  TShirtLaundry]