Weeping Angel Pumpkin Carving [pic]

The flood of geeky pumpkin carvings continues as we are less than a day away from Halloween and this time I have found an amazing Weeping Angel jack-o-lantern!  Around Halloween last year, I posted a couple of awesome Doctor Who pumpkin carvings including a TARDIS pumpkin carving and a Dalek pumpkin carving (perhaps my all time favorite carving) so I thought I should continue the tradition with at least one Doctor Who pumpkin carving post!

It appears that Doctor Who lover and Tumblr user leslieanddobby is the creator of this fantastic Weeping Angel pumpkin carving.  I am very impressed with just how well it turned out!  I wish I had this kind of pumpkin carving skill!

Whatever you do, don’t blink when looking at this Weeping Angel pumpkin carving!

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Doctor Who Weeping Angel Pumpkin
Weeping Angel Pumpkin

[Source:  leslieanddobby via Doctor Who on Tumblr]