Star Trektastic Borg Cubes Wedding Cake [pic]

In case some of you either missed it or are really forgetful, I posted a video from an awesome Klingon wedding last week (Britain’s first at the Destination Star Trek London convention) and it turns out there was an equally geeky wedding cake to go along with it.  Apparently the happy warrior couple had a 3 tier Borg Cube wedding cake for their happy event.

I probably would have never known about the fantastic Borg Cube wedding cake if it wasn’t for the cake maker, Restoration Cake, contacting me on Twitter to have me check out the geektastic cake featuring 3 Borg Cubes.

As for the delicious details of the cake, it was a red velvet cake with fondant icing.  What surprises me most about this awesome cake is the amount of time it took to make it.  It took 4 days to complete this Borg Cube wedding cake!  It was well worth the time though.  Congrats to the happy couple and the awesome cake makers!

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Borg Cube Wedding Cake
Star Trek Borg Cube Wedding Cake

Borg Cube Cake at the Klingon Wedding[Source:  Restoration Cake]


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