Beautiful Iron Man Stained Glass [pic]

I’ve posted some pretty impressive stained glass on here in the past such as the one featuring Half Life’s Gordon Freeman, but I think this Iron Man stained glass shatters all of the stained glass posts I have written before it.

Etsy seller MartianGlassWorks is the incredibly talented stained glass maker that is selling this beautiful Iron Man stained glass for $4,500.

While I will admit that price is rather steep (and way out of my price range), I can understand why it would cost this much.  This 31″x47″ stained glass Iron Man took over 100 hours to make, 334 pieces of glass, 275 feet of copper foil and 5 rolls of solder.  I’d say the end product ended up being well worth the time spent to make this amazing stained glass Iron Man!  I wish I had the money to buy this.

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Stained Glass Iron Man
Iron Man Stained Glass

[Source:  Etsy]





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