Star Wars Death Star Earrings [pic]

Are you a Star Wars fan that likes to dangle things from your ears?  If you screamed yes loud enough to wake up the neighbors, then I have found the Death Star earrings for you!

Etsy seller sudlow is selling these chic Star Wars Death Star earrings for $45.

I’m not sure if its a new feature of Etsy or just something I haven’t seen before, but you can select the shipping speed (and its related cost) for these earrings.  That is definitely a nice feature if you want something a little faster than standard shipping will get it to you although an extra $22 for a $45 pair of earrings seems a bit much just to get it within 1-2 days.

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Death Star Earrings
Star Wars Death Star Earrings

[Source:  Etsy via Fashionably Geek]






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  1. […] women wear something geeky, it always gets my attention.  Whether it is something as subtle as Death Star Earrings or something a little more obvious like the shirt where DJ Leia uses R2-D2 as a turntable, I love […]

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