Doctor Who Rose Tyler Bad Wolf T-Shirt is $10 Today Only! [pic]

One of my favorite geeky t-shirt designers is Megan Lara, so when I found out one of her awesome designs was coming up for sale for $10 today on TeeFury, you can imagine just how excited I got.  If her name and style seems familiar, it is because I posted one of her fraking awesome Starbuck t-shirts (which I also own) a while back.

Well, for today only, you can get her Doctor Who inspired Bad Wolf T-shirt for just $10 on TeeFury.  The shirt features Rose Tyler standing in front of the outline of the TARDIS with the words Bad Wolf featured prominently at the bottom.  It also has a cool wheel of Doctor Who enemies including the Dalek and Cybermen behind Rose which is really cool.

If you like this shirt as much as I do, I suggest you go buy it before the deal expires!  I am headed there to buy one myself as soon as I stop typing.

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Bad Wolf T-Shirt
Doctor Who Bad Wolf T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]



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