Batman Dark Knight Chest Hair [pic]

Like many men, I am a rather hairy guy, but the problem I have is that despite all of the hair that I have all over my body, it doesn’t have the density needed to make something cool.  I can’t grow a decent looking beard to save my life and I damn sure can’t shape my chest hair into the Batman symbol like this guy!

Reddit user dntfukwiddis decided to let his chest hair grow out and then do something really cool with it.  Apparently he must be a big Batman fan because he decided to shave off his chest hair leaving only a patch on his chest shaped like the Batman logo from the Dark Knight movies.  And of course no Batman chest hair picture is complete without the person also wearing a cape and Batman boxers.  I suspect he would get along great with the guy that has the Batman mustache.

This guy might just be the biggest and coolest Batman fan ever!

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Batman Chest Hair
Dark Knight Batman Chest Hair

[Source:  Reddit]





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