Fantastic Female Dragon Age 2 Cosplay [pic]

Although I enjoyed playing Dragon Age: Origins, I never got around to playing Dragon Age 2.  Eventually I will, but in the mean time, I can awesome look at some amazing Dragon Age 2 cosplay like I have posted below until I get around actually playing the game.

This amazing Dragon Age 2 cosplay features a female Anders (left) and female Fenris (right).  The lovely ladies sporting this fantastic Dragon Age 2 cosplay is Mel (the female Anders) and Shenae (the female Fenris).  The equally great photography was done by Sarah Wilkins Photography.

Congrats to these ladies on the awesome Dragon Age 2 cosplay!  I am now a little more motivated to get around to playing the game!

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Anders and Fenris Dragon Age 2 Cosplay
Female Anders and Fenris Dragon Age 2 Cosplay

[via Cosplay Blog]



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