Mind Blowing God of War Full Back Tattoo [pic]

Perhaps my all time favorite series of games is the God of War games.  They are one of the few games that can keep me engaged enough that I will stay up all night playing them through no matter how tired I am.  Well, it seems that there are even bigger fans of the God of War games than I am judging by this amazing God of War full back tattoo!

I’m not sure who the awesome guy is that it sporting this spectacular God of War tattoo, but it was inked by Roman Kuznetsov from Moscow, Russia.  I’d say Roman has to be one of the best tattoo artists alive judging by this amazing work of art!

I can’t even imagine the time involved in this God of War tattoo, but I would say it was worth every minute!  I have no desire to ever get a tattoo, but I have to admit, I am kind of jealous of this guy!

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God of War Full Back Tattoo
God of War Tattoo

[Source:  TatooArtists.org via Fashionably Geek]