Amazing Legend of Zelda Sugar Cookies [pic]

With as much as people seemed to love the delicious looking Portal Core cookies I posted the other day, I figured you would enjoy these Legend of Zelda sugar cookies that are so amazing, they blew my mind!

Etsy seller parchmentcookies is selling these beautiful Legend of Zelda sugar cookies for $60.  For those curious, these scenes from the NES classic, Legend of Zelda are made out of buttercream frosting.

I am very impressed by the amount of detail on these cookies and there is no way I could eat them because they are so cool they shouldn’t be destroyed!  Although they seem worth the price given the work that went into them, I don’t know if I would ever pay $60 for 6 cookies.  Maybe that is just because I am cheap.

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Legend of Zelda Sugar Cookies
Legend of Zelda Cookies

[Source:  Etsy]