Borderlands Psycho Cake [pic]

For those that are huge fans of the Borderlands games and are currently enjoying Borderlands 2 (I am still back on the first one), I figured you would enjoy seeing this awesome Borderlands Psycho cake!  Its not quite the mind blowing cake that the Claptrap groom’s cake was that I posted recently, but it is still awesome!

This awesome Borderlands Psycho cake was made by Mia from the Bridgetown Cakes bakery.  I’m not sure what kind of an occasion this awesome Borderlands 2 cake was made for (I’m going to guess a birthday), but no matter what the occasion was, this is still an awesome cake!  However, the real question is did it taste as good as it looks?

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Borderlands Psycho Cake by Bridgetown Cakes
Borderlands Psycho Cake

[Source:  Bridgetown Cakes on Facebook via Geeks are Sexy]