DIY: Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper [pic]

Ever since Christianity hijacked Christmas and turned it into a religious holiday, it is traditional to put some sort of angel or star at the top of Christmas trees.  Well, if you are a Doctor Who fan and want to give the traditional angel at the top of your Christmas tree a bit of a Doctor Who twist, then I suggest making your own Weeping Angel Christmas tree topper like this!

Cynthia over at The Creative Crossing has a guide up for how to make your own Doctor Who style Weeping Angel tree topper.  I recommend heading over to her post to see the complete Weeping Angel tree topper DIY guide, but you will need things like a Barbie doll and modeling clay among a list of other stuff if you are looking to make your own (which I highly suggest every Whovian does).

If you really want to celebrate Doctor Who this Christmas, should should make a TARDIS Christmas tree and decorate it with TARDIS Christmas lights!

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Weeping Angel Tree Topper
Doctor Who Weeping Angel Tree Topper

[Source:  The Creative Crossing via So Geek Chic]