A Belly Dancing Klingon [video]

Klingons (Photo credit: rwillia532)

I enjoy a good Klingon opera as much as the next Star Trek fan, but if there is something I never imagined I would see, it would be a Klingon belly dancer.  Belly dancing seems to be a lost art here on Earth these days, but apparently it is alive and well on Kronos!

Deserae Le Roux (the Klingon belly dancer) is dancing to il Troubadore’s (the Klingon band in the background) original Klingon Opera tune, “be’ joy’ luqaSa.”  Apparently this particular performance which features the Klingon belly dancer balancing swords on her head while shaking her groove thing was recorded at Raks Geek in the Viaduct Theater (wherever that is).

If you enjoy Klingon music like this, I suggest you subscribe to il Troubadore’s Klingon Music Project on YouTube.

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[Via Geeks are Sexy]