Pregnant Woman in Death Star Cosplay [pic]

When it comes to things like dressing up for Halloween, you are rather limited in options when you are pregnant.  Well, if you are a pregnant Star Wars fan with some crafting skills, you can do like this woman did and turn your baby bump into the Death Star!

I don’t know who this awesome pregnant Star Wars fan is (if you know, please let us know in the comments below so we can give her credit and congratulate her), but I think she did a fantastic job turning her round stomach into the Death Star.  Hanging the Millennium Falcon and a Tie Bomber down to make them appear to fly around the Death Star is also a nice touch!

If you want more pregnant Death Star action, check out the pregnant Death Star costume I posted back in June that even has the Death Star firing its deadly weapon!

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Pregnant Star Wars Death Star Cosplay
Pregnant Death Star Cosplay

[Via Nerdbastards]