A TARDIS Wedding Arch for the Ultimate Whovian Couple [pic]

Pretty much everybody has their idea of what a perfect wedding would be (I want a Klingon wedding myself) and one Doctor Who loving couple seems to have got just that!  This wedding was full of fantastic Doctor Who greatness ranging from TARDIS cupcakes to a life size cardboard cutout of the 10th Doctor, but what really amazes me is the TARDIS wedding arch!

Tumblr user and Doctor Who fan krisocalypse got married to her significant other, Tom, this past weekend in a fantastic Doctor Who themed wedding.  You can find more pictures from the Whovian wedding over at the source link below but my favorite picture is the one below showing the bride and groom standing under a TARDIS wedding arch (taken by Samantha Robshaw Photography)!  If that wasn’t geeky enough for you, right before kissing the bride, the groom (Tom) yelled out “Allonsy!”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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TARDIS Wedding Arch
Doctor Who TARDIS Wedding Arch

[Source:  krisocalypse via Doctor Who]