The Corner of Live Long St and Prosper Ave [pic]

Ever since I lived in Salt Lake City, I haven’t been a big fan of street names.  The grid system they have out there is extremely useful and I hate living in a place that doesn’t use a grid system because it just makes things really easy to find without the need of things like GPS.  Well, this is the rare occasion that I love normal street names.

Star Trek legend George Takei posted this image on Facebook of the street intersection of Live Long St and Prosper Ave.  If that wasn’t enough to excite the Star Trek fans out there, the stop part of the crosswalk sign is the Vulcan solute.

There seems to be some debate in the comments for the picture about where this picture was taken.  Some are saying it was taken in Oregon while others are saying Vulcan, Alberta, Canada.  If you know for sure, let us know in the comments below so we can settle the debate!

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Star Trek Live Long and Prosper Streets
Live Long and Prosper Intersection

[Via George Takei]