Cheesecake Pac-Man [pic]

My favorite desert is easily a good new york cheesecake.  It might not be the healthiest thing I eat, but when somebody offers me a slice of cheesecake, I just can’t say no!  Well, if there is one thing that would make cheesecake better, it would be a Pac-Man cheesecake!

This awesome Pac-Man cheesecake with an eye that appears to be made out of a Pac-Man shaped piece of chocolate was created by Flickr user obsequies.  The cracks in the cake is unfortunate as it does kind of take away from the wonderful idea of a Pac-Man cheesecake, but it is still an awesome cheesecake!

As much as I love posting about stuff like this, I hate it at the same time because now I am going to have to stop and pick up a cheesecake on my way home from work.  Damn you yummy foods!

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Pac-Man Cheesecake
Pac-Man Cheesecake

[Source:  obsequies via it8bit]



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