NES Zapper Turned Into Dangerous Laser Gun [pic + video]

As a kid, I had always dreamed of using the NES Zapper for things other than Duck Hunt, but even to this day, I still don’t have the electronics skills required to do anything more than shooting ducks on my TV.  Well, one team that does have the electronics skills to turn the NES Zapper into something a little more deadly decided to turn it into a very impressive laser gun and rifle for which you can buy ammo online here!

The team at North Street Labs has taken an old NES Zapper (hopefully they recycled a broken one rather than dismantling a working one) and equipped it with a high power laser capable of setting stuff on fire.  This NES Zapper is sporting a 445nm diode, batteries to run it and even a physical safety lock!  The video below will show you just what this deadly little NES Zapper is capable of.

If you are interested in making your own, hit up the source link below for instructions and lots of pictures of the build.  If you do build one, be very careful!  I don’t want to see any stories in the comments about how you burned your house down with your NES Zapper!

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NES Zapper Laser Weapon
NES Zapper Laser Gun

[Source:  North Street Labs via Engadget]



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