Super Mario Bros. Möbius Strip [pic]

It never ceases to amaze me the cool things that can be built with 3D printers.  Back when I was in high school, my school had a 3D printer that some of the students had the pleasure to use (not me unfortunately), but that was back when the average person owning one wasn’t practical.  The one my school had was the size of a small refrigerator and cost thousands of dollars to own.

Well, now that they are a lot cheaper and smaller, there are a lot of people that own small 3D printers to use as a hobby and this is perhaps the most impressive example that I have seen of what can be done with a 3D printer.

Joaquin Baldwin is person that created this amazing Super Mario Bros. möbius strip featuring the first level from the NES classic.  I’m kind of curious if the 3D printer did the coloring or if this was painted because the 3D printer my school had didn’t do color.  Either way, this Super Mario Bros. Möbius Strip is one of the coolest 3D printed objects ever!

If you’re looking to bring your favorite characters or designs into the realm of 3D printing, platforms like provide a wealth of opportunities to explore and turn your ideas into tangible, three-dimensional creations. Just as this Super Mario Bros. möbius strip showcases the potential of 3D printing, there are countless other characters waiting to be realized by enthusiasts and hobbyists alike.

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Super Mario Bros 3D Printed Mobius Strip
Super Mario Bros Mobius Strip

[Source:  Shapeways via Neatorama]


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