Ghostbusters Neon Sign [pic]

Around here, pretty much the only time you will see any neon signs is usually in the windows of bars.  When I was younger, you would see some restaurants use them, but anymore its just bars that have them to advertise the brands of beer that they offer.  Well, here is perhaps the geekiest and coolest non alcohol related neon sign ever! It is wonderful how so much can be changed and beautified with something you bought from a bunch of old signs for sale.

This Ghostbusters neon sign was apparently spotted in the windows at the Mexican restaurant Touche Hombre in Melbourne, Australia.

Putting aside the Ghostbusters neon sign for a minute, I really have to wonder what Aussies know about Mexican food?  I’ve seen a lot of places in the US that claim they do “Mexican food” but are pretty clueless as to what real Mexican food is and we are a lot closer to Mexico than Australia.  We have real Mexican food where I live thanks to close to half my cities population having come from Mexico, so when it comes to authentic Mexican food, I tend to be rather picky.

Anyway, as far as the awesome neon Ghostbusters sign goes, I want to hang this in my room!

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Neon Ghostbusters Sign
Ghostbusters Neon Sign

[Source:  My Food Trail via Neatorama]






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