K-9 From Doctor Who Gets a Steampunk Makeover [pic]

If there is one science fiction robot that seems perfect for a steampunk makeover, it would have to be K-9 from Doctor Who.  Well, that is exactly what one person has made!  Meet K-1889!

DeviantART user Sydeian is the person behind K-1889, the steampunk version of Doctor Who’s K-9.  I think even the Doctor would agree that this steampunk K-9 is amazing!  Apparently this K-1889 has even been featured on the BBC!

I’m not sure if this steampunked K-9 actually moves and talks, but even if it is just something cool to look at, I would still love to have it!  Steampunk is cool!

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Doctor Who Steampunk K-9
Steampunk K-9

[Source:  DeviantART via Neatorama]






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