Amazing Custom Super Mario Electric Guitar [pic + video]

Although I have a tremendous love for music and spend most of my waking hours listening to it, I can’t say I have a musical bone in my body.  As a kid, I could play the recorder and peck out a few songs on the piano, but I have never seriously tried to learn to play an instrument.  However, if this Super Mario electric guitar had existed when I was a kid, I suspect my life would be much different!

The awesome people over at G33kd are selling these custom Super Mario electric guitars for $995.00 AUD ($1,014 USD).  They are hand airbrushed and look and sound incredible!

You can see the amazing Super Mario electric guitar in the picture below (which seems to be inspired by Paper Mario) although I highly recommend checking out the video which not only tells you about the guitar but allows you to give it a listen.  For those that are lazy and just want to hear the Super Mario Bros theme music played on this guitar, jump to 7:30 in the video.

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Paper Mario Electric Guitar
Super Mario Electric Guitar

[Source:  G33kd via Nerd Approved]


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