500-Pound, Life-Size Standing Darth Vader Cake [pic]

Being a fan of Food Network, it is safe to say I have seen some pretty incredible giant cakes in the past, but I think this 500-pound, life-size Darth Vader cake…takes the cake!

This 6 foot 7 inch Darth Vader cake fed 600 people at the 501st Legion Banquet that was part of the Star Wars Celebration VI event last week.  Even the cape which was just marshmallow fondant weighed over 100 lbs!

Amanda Oakleaf Cakes was the creator of this mind blowing Darth Vader cake.  For those curious about the delicious details, the lightsaber was made out of a single piece of watermelon flavored poured sugar and the cake itself required 210 lbs of marshmallow fondant and 57 lbs of butter!  For the rest of the impressive list of ingredients and pictures of its construction and consumption, hit up the source link below!

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Star Wars Life Size Darth Vader Cake
Life Size Darth Vader Cake

[Source:  Geekologie]

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