Where did the money you spent on 1990’s SNES games go? [pic]

Have you ever wondered where all that money goes when you buy a new video game?  Well, I have a chart that explains where the money goes for today’s games, but I will save that for another day and show you one for SNES games from the 1990s instead.

Apparently these numbers on who takes what percentage of the money from a SNES game come out of the UK so for those in the US that don’t know what VAT is, it is a consumer tax.  However, I am sure that this chart looks pretty close to what it was in other areas of the world that don’t have a VAT.

The one thing that I find to be a little sad is just how little money actually went to the developers.  It seems rather unfair that Nintendo ran away with a third of the cost of each game and retailers just slightly less than that while the developers didn’t even get 5%.  I would expect that kind of behavior out of the RIAA, but Nintendo?!

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Super Nintendo Games Money Split
SNES Games Money Split

[Source:  Retro 2011 via Kotaku]



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