Batman Batarang Pocket Knife [pic]

I’ve never really been one for carrying around a pocket knife largely because my pockets are already full with MP3 players, handheld gaming systems, USB storage devices and an array of other things, however I might just have to make room for one after seeing this amazing Batman Batarang pocket knife!

Amazon is selling this amazing Batman Batarang pocket knife for between $7.80 and $12.60 depending on what color you get.  It is available in silver, black, pink, purple and red so whatever your style, you have options.  Personally, I think I like the look of the black one myself but then again colors like pink and purple aren’t really my colors.

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Batman Batarang Pocket Knife
Batman Twin Blade Batarang Pocket Knife

[Source:  Amazon via Geek Alerts]






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