Half-Life Headcrab Cupcake [pic]

Generally speaking, I prefer to be the one eating the cupcake rather than it eating me, but in the case of this fantastic Half-Life inspired headcrab cupcake, I’m not sure I would care!

This awesome headcrab cupcake that any Half-Life fan would love was created by Artistic-Aviary.  As for all of the delicious details, the cupcake itself is white cake while the headcrab was made from marshmallow and covered in fondant and food coloring.

I think this would go great with the Half-Life headcrab cake that I posted back in December.  Nothing says yummy like a bloody parasite that wants to attach itself to your head!

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Bloody Half-Life Headcrap Cupcake
Half-Life Headcrap Cupcake

[Source:  Artistic-Aviary via That’s Nerdalicious]



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