Ghostbuster’s Theme Played by Eight Floppy Drives [video]

floppy disks
floppy disks (Photo credit: pandameixiang)

I still can’t believe that some people have taken old floppy drives and turned them into musical instruments.  In the past, I have posted videos of the themes of a number of shows being played by floppy drives such as the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme and the Doctor Who theme, but now eight floppy drives have come together to play the theme from Ghostbusters!

MrSolidSnake745, the same guy that created the videos I mentioned above is back at it again but this time he is playing the Ghostbusters theme music with his eight floppy drives!  The surprising part is just how good it really sounds!

Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!

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[Via Obvious Winner]


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