Amazing World of Warcraft Cake [pic]

Despite not being a World of Warcraft fan (I’m just not much of an RPG person in general), I can still appreciate a great WoW cake like this one!  Its not every day you see a cake with a dragon sleeping in a volcano!

This amazing World of Warcraft cake was created by the awesome people over at Charm City Cakes, the same people that created the Skyrim cake I just posted as well as the Ghostbusters wedding cake I posted a long time ago.  They seem to do an amazing job with making geeky cakes!

When it comes to awesome WoW cakes, this is definitely up there with the World of Warcraft cake I posted last week and even the World of Warcraft wedding cake I posted some time ago.

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WoW Cake
World of Warcraft Cake

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  1. […] Charm City Cakes has made a bunch of cakes that I have posted in the past including a really cool World of Warcraft cake, a Skyrim dragon cake and several others.  They are definitely good at what they do!  I know I […]

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