Mind Blowing 3D Concept F1 Batmobile Tumbler Race Car [pics]

Growing up in a family that loves racing, I have been a big racing fan (mostly NASCAR and Indy car) most of my life, but I can’t say I pay much attention to it these days.  However, if there was a Batmobile inspired race car out on the track, you can bet your last dollar that I will be watching!

KnightVision3D is the person that took the basic F1 race car design and gave it an overhaul inspired by the Batmobile Tumbler.  This 3D concept of a F1 Batmobile race car was crated in 3DS Max 2013.

I would be shocked if anybody ever turned this into a real race car, but if they did, I bet it would blow away every other car on the track!  I know I wouldn’t want to drive behind it with the jet engine on the back!

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3D Concept Batmobile F1 Race Car
Batmobile F1 Race Car
3D Concept Batmobile F1 Race Car Back
Batmobile F1 Race Car Back

[Source:  KnightVision3D via Obvious Winner]