The Gotham City Batman Burger Looks Delicious! [pic]

Considering how obsessed everybody is with Batman right now, I figured it would be the perfect time to post this delicious looking Gotham City Batman burger!

This Gotham City Batman burger that is sure to have your mouth watering is made with a grass fed all beef patty with kalamata oil and a cheese Batman symbol in the bun.  It comes served with some red cabbage coleslaw (which I could personally do without).

If the Gotham City Batman burger looks delicious to you, I’d suggest swinging by Everest Burger the next time you are in Glencoe, IL to have one!  And make sure to send in pictures if you do have one!  I love to see pictures of geeky food!

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Gotham City Batman Burger
Gotham City Batman Burger

[Source:  Photo by Curtis Lehmkuhl~Sun-Times Media via That’s Nerdalicious]