Awesome Star Trek: Enterprise Birthday Cake [pic]

For as much flak as Star Trek: Enterprise has received from Star Trek fans, I always enjoyed the show.  Many seem to want to wish Enterprise into non-existence but while I will admit it didn’t live up to the other shows, I don’t think it was that bad.

Well, it seems that perhaps I am not the only one who enjoyed the show judging by this awesome Enterprise NX-01 birthday cake!  This Star Trek Enterprise cake was made by Koulas Cake Creations for somebody by the name of Ken who was apparently celebrating their 60th birthday.  I hope I have a cake like this for my 60th!

However, as cool as the Enterprise NX-01 cake is, I can’t help but point out that the other elements like the quotes and Kirk and Spock figures make no sense with the cake since they had nothing to do with this Enterprise (Enterprise was set before TOS).  And the Borg quote just makes my head hurt.  Still, the cake is pretty cool looking!

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Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 Birthday Cake
Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 Cake

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