Batman Tumbler and Batpod Cake [pic]

I’ve posted a ton of awesome wedding cakes on here in the past ranging from the Legend of Zelda to Star Wars, but this is the first time I have ever posted a cake from the rehearsal dinner for a wedding.

Apparently some couple going by the names of Paige and Nathan were lucky enough to have this amazing Batman themed cake at their rehearsal dinner.  This Batman themed cake features both the Batman Tumbler as well as the Batpod.  This Dark Knight inspired cake was created by Mark of Piece of Cake in Oswego, IL and I think it is safe to say he did a great job with it!  If this is just the cake for the rehearsal dinner, I want to see what the wedding cake looked like!

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Dark Knight Batman Tumbler and Batpod Cake
Dark Knight Batman Tumbler and Batpod Cake

[Source:  Flickr via That’s Nerdalicious]