Diablo 3 Amulet Pendant [pic]

I’ve been wearing the same Gears of War dog tags around my neck since I got them in 2006 and I’ve been thinking lately that it is time for a change.  I have some Call of Duty: Black Ops dog tags I could wear but I just don’t like them that much (its actually a plastic dog tag with a 2GB USB drive inside and the chain is too small for my liking).  Well, I think I have found my new piece of gamer jewelry to hang from my neck, this awesome Diablo 3 amulet pendant!

Etsy seller BestGamersShop is selling this awesome Diablo 3 amulet pendant for $14.50 + shipping.  They sell all kinds of other awesome gaming and internet meme pendants but considering everybody is obsessed with Diablo 3 right now, I figured you guys would be most interested in this one.  I plan on ordering one today myself!

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Diablo 3 Amulet Pendant Necklace
Diablo 3 Amulet Pendant Necklace

[Source:  Etsy]