R2-D2 and Humpty Dumpty Sitting on a Wall Tattoo [pic]

When it comes to rather odd combinations of things to see done as a tattoo, this R2-D2 and Humpty Dumpty tattoo might be even stranger than the Bulbafett (Pokemon’s Bulbasaur and Boba Fett) tattoo that I posted some time ago.  I can’t even imagine what would make somebody even combine R2-D2 and Humpty Dumpty in the same train of thought, much less take that idea and make it into a really cool tattoo!

The design and ink were done by Max at a place called Paradise Tattoo (not sure where that is).  I’d say it turned out pretty cool and I really like the Death Star floating in the sky above Humpty Dumpty and R2-D2.  It is a nice touch!  However, the real question is who fell off the wall first and why did the other one push them?  Feel free to speculate in the comments!

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R2-D2 and Humpty Dumpty Tattoo
R2-D2 and Humpty Dumpty Tattoo

[Source:  FYT via Fashionably Geek]