Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant Wine Glasses [pic]

I’m not a wine person (I don’t drink alcohol period), but that doesn’t stop me from wanting these awesome Super Mario Bros inspired piranha plant wine glasses.  Since the Mario games have been such a huge part of my life, it would be strange if I didn’t want these glasses!

Well, for the Super Mario Bros loving wine drinkers out there, you are in luck because you can actually buy these piranha plant wine glasses!  Etsy seller BasementInvaders is selling this set of two piranha plant wine glasses for $30.  That seems like a pretty reasonable price to me but if you decide to buy these glasses, I would recommend contacting the seller first because the one on the left looks kind of tilted (but hopefully it is just an issue with how the picture was taken).

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Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant Wine Glasses
Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant Wine Glasses

[Source:  Etsy via it8bit]


One response to “Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant Wine Glasses [pic]”

  1. Basement Invaders Avatar
    Basement Invaders

    Oh, hey, I’m the creator and the tilted look is my non-existent photography skills, absolutely nothing wrong with the glass.

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